Exploit your thoughts

One of the greatest regrets I can imagine is not fulfilling the potential of your own mind. It’s like spending an entire lifetime craving something, only to realize too late that it was always with you, in a package you didn’t care to open!

Such is the power of the mind. It holds within it all possibilities you can imagine. However you do need to unpeel the wrapping and get a singular focus of what you intend to do with that fearsome power, once unleashed!

Life, it seems, does not follow the path of our desires and strategies as much as that of our intentions and beliefs. To know and accept what you desire of the future attracts that same reality to you. Just be yourself and let it go. This then unleashes the power of your mind and makes dreams possible.

Interestingly most people do not realize that the mind can only think thoughts we allow it to. Thoughts are a powerful tool that travel within to our subconscious levels and influence our behavior; but they also travel to the Universe and determine not just the behavior of others towards us, but also the events that transpire.

If this is the strength of thinking, imagine the power we retain if we can direct our own thoughts and mind! Being aware of our thoughts and the direction they are taking is an important tool in handling them. One must constantly plant positive thoughts and weed out unwanted, negative stuff. You will soon realize how easy it becomes to do so.

Try this. When upset or depressed, identify the cause and tell your mind to put off thinking about the issue for some time.  Meanwhile, indulge in happy thoughts in a disciplined manner, rooting out negativity from your mind. By the time you get to refocus on your problem, your mind will be a happier place, and the issue less threatening.