The power of believing that you can overcome the struggle

I am 26 years-old journalist staying in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My dream is to be a well-known (basically famous) journalist and a writer. My career has been going good, but pretty consistent over the few years may be because I lack some kind of expertise or maybe I live in a country where the scope to grow is less. However, neither of it make me any less dreamer. I still believe and have a faith in myself that I will achieve to what I aim for.

I wouldn’t say that I have tremendous life experience or tons of knowledge or even compare myself to people who have been through major challenges and gained strength from it. It would simply make everything dramatic and superficial.  What I can actually say here is every person in this world goes through some kind of ups and downs and the word STRUGGLE comes along with it and will always be there in life.  Yes that’s a naked truth.

We all struggle every day, in fact every moment. It’s no biggie. To be honest we all slay the struggle every time and are ready to face it yet again. It has turned into our human nature. When I stepped my foot in the world of media, I struggled to keep up the expectation of parents, I struggled to write my first article, I struggled to have a meaningful conversation with my seniors, I struggled to not act like a beginner in front of my seniors so that they don’t get me out of the job.

The people I met first in my career basically didn’t want to accept the reality that I was a beginner and expected me to be the Tom Wolfe or Anderson Cooper kind of a journalist. I remember the time I wrote my first article and had a spelling error, my whole career was judged on it. Being new and a fresh journalist my confident shook up obviously.

No one helped me but rather made me feel hopeless. When I started to be good at my work, which I learned all by myself and with the help of my father, who is a journalist too, people I work with started to be insecure. And once more, I struggled to fight their insecurities without letting myself down. It was certainly hard.

There was a point where I thought giving up is easier than fighting over it and less stressful. But then I realized the struggle of keeping up is definitely like those people who with major challenges grow strength from it.

I am not saying that struggle for utopia, but for the courage of what you can be. I really think we should not let people or things tap into our potential or to disgrace us that we can’t be what we are.

I too have a way long to go and I am still struggling to find a place where I deserve to be. But the best part of it is, as the days go by, I see hell of a lot improvement in me. The confidence I gain from the breakdown is a lesson to be learnt every time.

“Promises and proficiency can break, but efforts get paid off”, there will be some point where everything what you have done might have not achieved the kind of result you want, but patience of struggling and the efforts of trying will reap and reward  you back may be later or sooner. And I’m pretty optimistic about it.