Why are people shallow?


We live in a world where people are judged on appearances rather than delving deep into a person’s character and personality.  It’s learned that behavior which is calculated that provides a fake persona — where people do not express anything real and modify their personality based on the prevailing circumstances — is the most effective way for them to live their lives.

The reason for shallowness growing in our society is because society rewards style over substance. People seem to be motivated by all wrong things consciously and unconsciously. They pretend just to “fit in” socially.

For long, arguments on why people turn shallow have been presented. The first thing that strikes your mind when you associate people with shallowness is their “personality trait”. When people associate another person as being shallow, the cliches that come to mind are “all they want are material items” or ” just money for comforts and acceptance”.

But today with the growth of media advent of Internet and readily-available knowledge on our hands have spoiled the environment socially and culturally and also made people amateur behaviorists or psychologists, where everyone constantly monitors, watches and evaluates each other closely. People have adopted the practice to judge each other like the celebrities being judged or evaluated on TV. It does not matter now whether one is a celebrity or famous, everyone now is concerned and worried about what others think.

It is said that never judge a person by their looks, but let’s face it people are shallow. We judge each other based on looks all the time no matter what situation one is in, especially when it comes to workplace, school or university. People are quick to label or tag one’s opinion which might offend others, or even if it is just different.

I personally feel that most people generally are not shallow as they appear to be. But they have deep interest or opinion but act dumb in order to fit into the group. Shallowness can be described as one of the bad characteristics that lead people to be fake and superficial just to match up to the expectations for other people.

But some people find the subject of shallowness an open perspective, which means all things involved in human consciousness. They feel everyone is shallow to one degree or another. People secretly love materialistic life no matter how much they deny this fact. When it comes to material objects, this is what makes some people extremely happy.

Many of them just pretend and portray a different personality to be popular and once they reach a certain status, it seems being shallow just comes with the territory. There is nothing wrong in little faking in behavior and thoughts if it makes other people feel good.

People judge each other not only personally but also when it comes to work or in business. In just a glance people decide looking at your products or services. Within seconds, they make assumptions and decisions about companies.

It is said shallow people are easier to sell. Any type of consumer business depends on irrational marketing where perception is all that matters and tricking people into buying stuff they ‘do’ need is all that matters. These people make hasty decisions or assumptions looking at the products and services.

Youngsters are obsessed with brand names these days and spend almost a fortune to buy these brands. Because as the name implies — branding, labeling. It’s a way to create groupings and labels. The concept of grouping is same like the society having different class system. Youngsters care about how they look and what others think about them, turning them shallow and judgmental. They mostly are influenced by peer pressure and crave for social status.

Being shallow has become a part of our social fabric. We have created an environment where we pretend most of the time — for example like pretending to meet a person who we are not interested in. We have accepted and adopted things we watch on TV and seek to imitate most of them — like fashion, music , lifestyle. People take the junk thrown on their faces from TV or media on face value even though it seems to be fake.

It is a higgledy-piggledy world and being shallow is something some people just seem to revel in. Then again it just goes to show that it’s all a matter of perspective of what is or is not shallow.